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Retired Now What To Do

Regular exercise is the best way to avoid physical therapy and stay away from pain.

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The reason is simple: When we exercise regularly; we strengthen the supporting muscles and tissues around our joints; those that weaken as we age.

The stronger those muscles and tissues are, the more stability they provide us with, meaning we can move with greater ease through life without the fear…

The Observerist

Even if you don’t believe it, your mindset has an enormous influence on your happiness.

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There is a lot of research that suggests feeling grateful and being kind to ourselves and others can have a positive impact on our lives. You don’t have to believe in it, but it can still be a good thing.

If you want more from your life than what you…

The Observerist

What You Think Is a Healthy Level of Productivity May Be Signs of Rabbit Hole Syndrome.

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Rabbit hole syndrome is a phenomenon that can happen when you’re reading one article, then it leads to another and another until you’ve forgotten why you’re reading. Usually, this can be caused by clicking on an interesting link, but sometimes it just happens with no conscious decision. What’s worse is…

Senior Citizen Writer’s

Reason Four — Writing Makes One Immortal.

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Five reasons to become a writer that can benefit senior citizens.

Writing is a great hobby for senior citizens. We can do it from home, at the library, or on the go with smartphones or tablets. Writing has many benefits, including mental stimulation, extending, or developing your writing skills, and…

This Writer’s Journey

This Is the Message I Had His Stepdaughter Read to Him the Day Before He Passed.

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My ninety-six-year-old friends passed away last week, after a short ailment.

This is the message I had his stepdaughter read to him the day before he passed.

Hello Bob, this is your friend Roger here.

Thanks for allowing me into your life and for being my friend.

We met when…

This Writer’s Journey

All Pilots Did Not Start as Pilots. They, Over Time, Learned How to Fly and Became Pilots.

Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven on Unsplash

So it is with a writer, but our time in the air is words published, not just written.

This message is just as much pointed to me as inspiration to others.

It takes some undetermined amount of time and practice to master writing. …

The Observerist

There Are Many Who I Believe Are Genuinely in Need of help, Others I Am Not Sure Of.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Street people I would like to call them instead of homeless.

Their home for this point in time is the street with no specific address to call their own. They usually choose public places to camp. I have seen others on business properties.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy theory, most of…

Roger Skibowski

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