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I Learn I Think I Write - Writing Articles and Stories My Way -

This Writer’s Journey

Start At Step One. Then Move Through to Step Five.

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The magic of this plan is in the execution. If you publish it, they will come.

The first step is important, but not without each succeeding step following close behind. The part that most of us forget is step five.

1. Write

In the beginning spend your time writing only and leave out the editing. Stay focused on the job of flowing what is in your mind onto the page one word, then the sentence comes. Couple of sentences and you get to the paragraph part of the journey. Getting to the next paragraph is now your next assignment. Turn the critic in your brain to off or mute for the time being, so all your thought juices…

Walking the dog

Automation requires a complex series of if-this-then-this, stories are not that simple.

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Daily walks with the dog through the neighborhood I will engage neighbors in conversation.

Depending on what they are doing the conversations can be as simple as “hello.” Other topics that open communication “How long have you lived here?”

The Loving Couple

This article I wrote about the walk where Greg told me about one of his next-door neighbors, where the lady’s husband had passed years ago, and Greg helped her with basic home maintenance.

On another walk I met her, and we chatted. Prior to the meeting, I had been waving to her frequently while she was walking her dog and I was arriving home in the car.

The Tree Climber

Yesterday while…

Writing Inspired By

But in all that wondering, why is it the subconscious never needs to sleep?

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Writing Inspired By Article from Tochukwu Okoro

Does the subconscious mind exist after we die and lose this clay form?

Another one of those unanswerable questions: we do not get the answer until later.

But in all that wondering, why is it the subconscious never needs to sleep?

Might it be that our subconscious mind existed before we arrive in this clay suit.

Gary Busey thinks so when he said, “I’m an angel in an earth suit.”

Or after we die are we all in a place more like what Starman describes in the movie when Jenny Hayden asks “What is it like up there?”

- Starman: It is beautiful. Not like this, but it is beautiful. There is only…

Another one of those unanswerable questions: we do not get the answer until later.

But in all that wondering, why is it the subconscious never needs to sleep?

There will be more change in the future

The pilot has changed course and let some crew members off the plane.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

I published this article on Mar 15, 2021, my perception piece for what I thought was going on at Medium.

I wrote this article after hearing the chatter about low views and reads by writers with large following. Many of these writers have seen a change in readers that resulted lower earnings. We all were part of the Medium experiment, nothing was for sure, most of life experiments have NO guarantees.

The noise has been at a high hum for some time and climaxed on Tuesday with an explanation.

Readers highlighted most of the article, leaving only a few sentences showing as not highlighted.

The most import part of the message to me is this.

There will be more change in the future.–Ev Williams

Let us not forget that Medium is an experiment.

When you signed up to be a member, there was no guarantee that you would make a ton of money, make a ton…

Welcome to the Medium Plane

Using the Concept of Building the Plane While Flying It.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Welcome to the Medium Plane

Medium are making changes and tweaks all while the platform is in flight. The adjustments benefit both writers and readers alike. Medium has not reached its destination and may not reach one, at least not soon. Medium might just be on an ever-developing path. Where we are all free to roam around the cabin while it is in flight. Caption Ev on the loudspeaker announcing, “enjoy the ride.”

Who is on Medium’s flight?

Caption Ev, the flight crew, writers, and readers. On this flight there are no advertisers. That is part of the experiment.


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