I Routinely Wake Up Thinking About How I Can Be the Best Possible Version of Myself.

Roger Skibowski
3 min readSep 16, 2022
Photo by Perry Merrity II on Unsplash

Each morning I think about how I can be the best version of myself. I ask myself what I can do today to improve from yesterday. I also think about my relationships and how I can be a better friend, partner, or family member. I strive to be the best possible version of myself in all aspects of my life.

I am constantly striving to better myself and become the best possible version of myself. Every day, I get a little closer to that goal. It is this motivation that drives me to continue.

This usually involves thinking about how I can be a better person, how I can be more successful, and how I can make a positive impact on the world. This routine helps me to start my day off on the right foot and sets me up for success.

I realize I will never be perfect, but that does not stop me from trying to be the best that I can be. I know that every day I am getting a little closer to my goal of being the best possible version of myself. And that motivates me to keep going.

During the day, I review my actions and learn how I can become better at living life.

I reflect on my actions during the day and learn how I can improve my life skills. Taking a moment to review my actions, I can learn from my mistakes and become a better person.

During the day, sometimes I check in with myself and assess how I am doing. I take stock of my actions and see what I can learn from them. This helps me to become better at living life. This practice helps me to stay on track and make better choices. It also allows me to catch myself when I am veering off course.

I will make mistakes but hope to reduce that number.

I am not perfect, and I will make mistakes. This is inevitable. However, I hope to reduce the number of mistakes I make over time through learning and experience. Being conscious of the fact that my mistakes can hurt other people. I take care to avoid making careless mistakes that could cause harm to others. I also try to learn from my mistakes so that I can avoid making the same mistake twice.

Roger Skibowski