Moving to the Seattle Area in 1998 from the Bay Area

Roger Skibowski
7 min readApr 2, 2019
Photo by Al x on Unsplash

I received the call

One thing I learned sometime ago, from who I don’t recall, was always to keep your resume current. The advice was as soon as you start a job update your resume. This one piece of advice and my actions to take heed has been a blessing for me. When getting ready for the next job I quickly add any needed lines to my resume and I’m ready to submit it.

While working at the Network Engineer Company in the Bay area in 1998 a friend of mine who I worked with at a previous company called me. He asked if I’d like to move to the Seattle area because they had an opening he thought I was more than qualified to handle.

“Sure” I said, we were ready for a new adventure. Submitted my resume and the other required material. It was not long before they called and scheduled me for an interview.

The Seattle adventure begins.

The views of the ground were gorgeous from the plane as it was descending into the Airport Seattle on the flight from San Jose in early summer 1998. I wanted to almost instantly move to Seattle by what I saw of the lush green area. I believed I had found our new adventure, and a place to live. I was hooked.

The Interview

The interview was long and different from other interviews in the past. This job was at a software company. Software companies had a reputation for interviewing with additional techniques intending to discover how you might think. I interviewed with the Hiring Manager, His manager, several technical people, a HR manager. I did not have to wait long before I learned that I had the job. I started in Aug 1998

Selling and buying a Home

Employment included temporary housing for several months, and a pack and move. We spent time in both locations in the beginning. In San Jose preparing our home to be both staged and listed. And the Seattle area looking for a rental as we decided that getting settled in before looking for a new home was the route we would take this time around.

We rented a home in Redmond as the temporary housing was ending. This enabled us to move in with the few items we had with us prior to our home closing.