The Four Tradesman And Their Sons

Roger Skibowski
4 min readJan 27, 2021

The passing of a trade to the next generation still exist.

The picture about is pretty close to what happened in our kitchen, starting in July 2020.

Three things we accomplished during this Pandemic so far.

Purchase a home, remodel the home, and moved into the home.

The purchase and the move parts in were straightforward. That is no drama or shortfalls.

The remodel

The exciting part of this journey was the remodeling of the complete inside of the home.

We explored several options, including hiring a general contractor. The idea soon faded when we discovered the contractors were months out because they were too many projects and not enough workers.

The only other option was managing the entire process ourselves. My wife over the year had viewed many of the home improvements shows combined with knowing exactly what she wanted in the home.

The beginning process, the kitchen.

The kitchen was a galley-style kitchen. Dark with one way in and one way out. There was a drop ceiling. So, it was very confining and not an inviting room.

The first process involved gutting the kitchen and removing the drop ceiling. The first step was to make sure that what were told prior to the purchase was in fact true, it was. We started calling around for sheetrock professionals. After getting estimates from several contractors, we select one, and the work began.

The first tradesperson and his son.

The first part of the demolition started taking several days. We give away the old kitchen cabinets and countertops. This excited us knowing that they were repurposed, and not in the dumpster. A dumpster was outside our home for several weeks. They placed the old drop ceiling and the many other components from the kitchen ceiling in the dumpster.

When the re-construction and sheetrock parts began, the first tradesperson son was amount those working on the sheet rocking parts. They returned four arched doorways to squared…

Roger Skibowski